Chopin: Études Complete

This album contains the complete Études by Chopin, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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Even in this age where pyrotechnics seem commonplace, the recording of Chopin’s complete Études presents a huge challenge for any pianist. Zlata Chochieva’s interpretation is a special one. Not only does she conquer the daunting technical difficulties with apparent ease and supreme mastery, but she brings out the poetry, the colours, the joy and the sorrow of each individual study, thus creating a string of 24 miniature masterpieces, rather than a marathon of technical display.

Zlata’s previous recording for Piano Classics (Rachmaninoff Piano Sonata 1 and Chopin Variations PCL0047) received high praise in the international press: “the possessor of a comprehensive technique she brings an inner glow to every bar. Her playing is indelibly Russian in its fullness and warmth, backed by dauntless and easy command…poetic and pianistic demand could hardly go further” (Bryce Morrison in Gramophone), “Glowing, perfectly modelled, full of fantasy, 5 STAR” (Fono Forum), “Zlata Chochieva is a pianist’s pianist”(Musicweb).

Composer: Frédéric Chopin
Artist: Zlata Chochieva (piano)

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Études, Op. 10:
00:00:00 I. Étude in C Major. Allegro
00:02:05 II. Étude in A Minor. Allegro
00:03:30 III. Étude in E Major. Lento ma non troppo
00:07:23 IV. Étude in C-Sharp Minor. Presto
00:09:23 V. Étude in G-Flat Major. Vivace
00:11:02 VI. Étude in E-Flat Minor. Andante
00:14:42 VII. Étude in C Major. Vivace
00:16:17 VIII. Étude in F Major. Allegro
00:18:46 IX. Étude in F Minor. Allegro molto agitato
00:20:46 X. Étude in A-Flat Major. Vivace assai
00:22:59 XI. Étude in E-Flat Major. Allegretto
00:25:21 XII. Étude in C Minor. Allegro con fuoco

Études, Op. 25:
00:27:56 I. Étude in A-Flat Major. Allegro sostenuto
00:30:36 II. Étude in F Minor. Presto
00:32:07 III. Étude in F Major. Allegro
00:34:07 IV. Étude in A Minor. Agitato
00:35:57 V. Étude in E Minor. Vivace
00:39:13 VI. Étude in G-Sharp Minor. Allegro
00:41:12 VII. Étude in C-Sharp Minor. Lento
00:46:23 VIII. Étude in D-Flat Major. Vivace
00:47:38 IX. Étude in G-Flat Major. Allegro assai
00:48:40 X. Étude in B Minor. Allegro con fuoco
00:52:36 XI. Étude in A Minor. Lento-allegro con brio
00:56:21 XII. Étude in C Minor. Molto allegro con fuoco

3 Nouvelles études, B. 130:
00:58:56 I. Andantino in F Minor
01:00:57 II. Allegretto in D-Flat Major
01:02:30 III. Allegretto in A-Flat Major

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